An illustration I made early this year representing new beginnings

I created this website a couple of years ago (that’s a story for another post). And since then it has been there without much activity except for silly spams in my inbox. So I thought, why not transfer my occasional rantings and opinions on my FB into blog posts. So here goes…

Sometimes there’s so many thoughts and ideas in my head and I have to write it down or translate it into an artwork. Or I get an inspiration to bake or cook something and it results in photos from Kalai’s Kitchen. It’s therapeutic for me and hopefully friends and family might appreciate it too.

I love cooking and baking, always tagging my food photos ‘From Kalai’s Kitchen’. Check out some of my food photos below:

My friends now sometimes greet me with ‘what’s cooking in Kalai’s Kitchen’, which gave me the idea for for this blog’s name. This is a glimpse of what goes on in my ‘Kitchen’ most of the time.

It took me 5 days to finalise this first blog posting. I share a video of some lessons I took from a Youtuber here for anyone interested. Youtube is a fantastic place to get so many free lessons in anything you want. Support them so that they can earn some money and give us more free tutorials.

From A to Z, everything you wanna know about creating blog in Elementor, a widget like designing tool in website creation for dummys…

That’s all the cookin’ for now. I pray that I can put up some interesting posts for readers.

Happy reading everyone. My blessings of love, joy and hope to you… 😘

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